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    We're completely into giving back, pitching-in, chipping-in, paying it back or what ever you'd like to call it.

    So we've come up with a plan that's pretty simple, we take a little of the money we receive from you and we pass this onto a cause in need.  The causes vary according to what need we see arise, it might be a donation to Médecins Sans Frontières, product to disadvantaged kids or prize give-away for a charity.  

    One of the advantages with being your own boss is that you can juggle time to make space for those thing that are important to you. I've always been committed to service, serving the community - right now I volunteer half a day each Friday teaching cooking at a learning centre in Darlinghurst (Sydney) that supports people who are at imminent risk of homelessness or those who require social inclusion options to prevent them from falling into cycles of disadvantage and marginalisation. It's a rewarding experience and I'm never quite sure whose heart comes away fuller - mine or one of the 10 blokes that come along to the class.


    In our small way we're hopeful of making the lives of others Shine Brighter.

    Denise Straty, founder