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    Hello, I'm Denise, the founder of monkeysee. 

    I love to walk and I especially love to ride my bike.

    I've ridden for what seems like my entire lifetime. I still recall my first real bike when I was five years old; it was a purple cyclops with a semicircle handle bar. 

    I feel grateful that I grew up at a time when you left home on your bike - no map, no mobile phone, just a big sense of adventure – and, as long as you were home in time for dinner all was good in the world.

    As an adult I still connect with the joy and that child-like feeling when I ride my bike. I know many of us do and that's why we love to ride our bikes.

    I conceived the idea for monkeysee around 2009 when I was acutely aware of how vulnerable I was as a cyclist. My inspiration was to develop gear that would make cyclists more visible. What was in the market place then was plain boring, ugly and daggy, clear to see why no no-one wanted to wear it. 

    In 2010 my vision began to unfold - to create hi-vis suitable for day and night riding that was comfortable, lightweight, smart and fun. Importantly, it had to be truly effective. I wanted to create accessories and clothing you'd happily wear with your regular gear - from the front door, to the cafe and then to work.

    In late 2016 we launched a range of forward-thinking, street-wear items under the COLLECTION range; expect the unexpected.

    There's never a moments rest at monkeysee - we're committed to researching the newest innovations and to delivering you more great products.

    monkeysee isn’t a fashion or safety brand – it’s an attitude to life. To getting out there. To giving it a go. Living life without compromise. Your way. It's about going places - on your bike, running or walking, while letting us look after the visibility and style bit.

    I'm glad you've taken the time to meet us. We'd love to meet you too, so please do share with us your ideas and feedback. 

    Shine Brighter